Computerized Pathology Ziolis Pathlab And Multispeciality Clinic

Computerized Pathology

Pathology is the medical specialty that examines and diagnoses diseases by analyzing tissues and cells under a microscope.

Traditionally, pathologists examine glass slides containing tissue samples, make observations, and generate reports based on their findings. However, with computerized pathology, the process is digitized, allowing for more efficient and advanced analysis of pathological specimens.

  • Digital Imaging: Pathological slides are scanned using high-resolution scanners to create digital images.
  • Image Analysis: Computer algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are employed to analyze the digital images.
  • Telepathology: Digital pathology enables remote access to pathological images and data.
  • Workflow Management: Computerized pathology systems incorporate software for managing the workflow of slide processing, tracking, and reporting.

Despite these advantages, the widespread adoption of computerized pathology is still ongoing. Challenges include the initial costs of implementing the infrastructure, ensuring standardization and interoperability of systems, and addressing privacy and security concerns associated with digital data.